Virtual Reality environments for industrial training, maintenance and property evaluations.

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    Virtual reality and visualisation technologies are transforming the industrial sector by:
    Boosting Productivity
    Limiting Travel Time
    Streamlining Training Programs
    Virtual experiences allow customers to interact with specific machinery, spaces and scenarios that until now could only be witnessed in a reality.

    Create remote support with VR and virtual demonstrations of equipment installation and servicing including assembly, repair, and maintenance processes.

    Virtual design reviews allow engineers to collaborate remotely to review and amend product designs efficiently, eliminating the need for timely and expensive travel.

    Training Experiences

    Industrial training and education using immersive experiences allows real life scenarios to play out in a controlled and safe environment. The process of understanding complex technological features, products and safety procedures is fast tracked and with higher retention by using virtual reality. Keep your workforce safe and up to date on procedural systems in an effective and engaging format that can also be analysed with useful post-practice data.

    Sales and marketing using Including the advantages of VR with and Inspace’s showsuite technology allows customers to interact with large format machinery during sales and marketing a safe and engaging way. Making it perfectly suited for exhibitions and tradeshows where showcasing industrial products can be challenging.

    Remote Support and virtual demonstrations

    Remote industrial locations can be challenging and expensive to visit in person.. Onsite service and inspection visits can often be time consuming due to travel, ultimately impacting the bottom line.  By using virtual reality technology such as Inspace Showsuite, users can engage and review complex scenarios, factory workflows and products from anywhere in the world. 

    Design Reviews

    Most CAD and design software directly integrates with Inspace, providing fast, detailed virtual environments for review.  A new world of digitally savvy engineers can fast track the design and review process by using visualisation software in their workflow.

    Immersive experiences with advanced 3D modeling can communicate features such as crushing actions, vibrational motions and areas of safety concern.

    Training, Risk & Safety Compliance

    Visual learning is uniquely human and the use of still imagery and video is limited when educating your workforce or customers.  Immersive experiences highlighting areas of risk and safety precautions is essential, and allows stakeholders to safely understand repercussions of errors of judgement. 

    Users enjoy training experiences that use vr and visualisation, and retain a significantly greater amount of information than other training methods.

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