HTC’s newest gear is getting tech-heads across the world excited

HTC recently released their latest weapon to combat Oculus Rift S – the HTC Vive Cosmos, and it’s full of surprises.
Designed to elevate the VR experience for people who use their headsets with a PC. While initially, it’s a tethered device, users will have the option to purchase the HTC Vive Wireless Adapter.

The Vive Cosmos ‘flipping head’ design also solves problems for users who wear glasses, allowing users to flip goggles upwards without having dismount the halo ring, keeping out of the way of any additional eyewear.

In terms of pixel density and resolution, the Vive Cosmos is also a step ahead of competing headsets. With a combined resolution of 2880×1700 pixels, the headset has 15% more pixels than other headsets, while maintaining a relatively light weight at 665 grams. It also comes with a 12-month subscription of HTC Viveport Infinity, which allows users to access to play games in VR.

Joysticks have also been ergonomically redesigned for a better VR experience. When in use, they light up, resulting in more precise tracking. This combined with a six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) headset and controller setup, the Vive Cosmos promises a deeply engaging VR experience.

The addition of the keys A, B, X and Y reflects conventional gaming consoles and indicates that HTC is turning its focus to gaming in the future.
In summary, the HTC Vive Cosmos is a superior headset for a seasoned or professional gamer looking to upgrade. It’s improved specs and design make for a more immersive gaming VR experience.

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